Hello, my name is Sam!

I've been making photographs since I was a kid. My first camera was an old Nikon 35mm SLR, which my Dad taught me how to use. During college, my interest in photography continued to grow–I learned how to process my own film and make prints in the darkroom. When I eventually moved into digital, my passion for photography grew exponentially since I was free to experiment without the expense of film. 

Early on, photography was exciting and fun and I still feel that same way today. The world we live in is so incredibly rich and visually interesting. I feel that photography makes me a more thoughtful observer–seeing things I would otherwise miss. With my photography I try and share something about myself, the places I've traveled, and the things which interest me. I hope you will enjoy seeing my work.

Most of my photography is personal, but I'm also available for hire. Please contact me with details about your project. If you are interested in licensing or purchasing any of my photos please contact me.